What’s the best thing about a new Jelson home?

People we meet when they visit our show homes often tell us it’s the fact that Jelson properties are built the traditional way, with bricks and blocks. 

It’s unusual these days – many new homes are built using timber frames, which are manufactured off site and generally result in a speedier construction time. But we believe the traditional way is best for three key reasons.

Better heat retention

Brick and block construction has a better natural ability to retain heat and reflect it back into the home. Combined with cavity wall insulation, this makes your home warmer and, as a result, helps you reduce your heating bills and save energy, too.


One of the biggest drawbacks of many new homes when compared to older properties is noise. The walls are generally thinner, and you can hear what’s going on in the next room – and sometimes in the next house, too, if it’s a mews or semi-detached.

However, in a Jelson house the walls are naturally thicker and provide for greater sound insulation. Great when there’s more than one generation living in the house and everyone has different activities going on in different rooms. You can quietly read a book while the kids are watching disaster movies in the next room.

Stronger internal walls

Good luck hanging a heavy antique mirror on the wall in a standard modern house. Jelson’s solid internal walls, even upstairs, mean that there’s a much stronger base to attach heavy objects to. So, go ahead with that wall-to-wall shelving!

The best of the old with the best of the new

With a Jelson home, you have the best of both worlds: traditional-built walls along with state-of-the-art energy saving double glazed windows and patio doors which are made by Jelson in our workshop in Leicester. 

We make all our own kitchen units, fitted wardrobes and, often, staircases too, in our on-site joinery shop. They’re individually measured and tailored to every home, so you can be sure of a perfect fit along with the care and attention that comes from a craftsperson dedicated to Jelson Homes. 

To ensure your home is warm and cosy wherever you are, many of our new properties are fitted with smart thermostats and heating controls which can be controlled remotely.

The finishing touch

The last thing you want to do before you can unpack your boxes and arrange your furniture is wait for carpets to be laid. So, every one of our homes comes complete with carpets so you can create your perfect home from the moment you move in. That goes for outdoors too – the gardens are fenced and turfed, so you can enjoy your home inside and out from day one.