Customer Care

Why we're consistently in the top 5 of NHBC customer surveys.

Handing over the keys is just a small part of our care package that begins before, and lasts well beyond, the moving-in date.

Up to completion you'll be given regular progress updates to help you plan and manage your move as smoothly as possible. When your home is ready our Customer Care manager will go through a step-by-step guide of all the features to make sure you get the most out of it.

Jelson provide further peace-of-mind with a two-year guarantee under the Buildmark Warranty.

Six months after moving in we'll check you're still happy with the quality and finish and, if needed, our Customer Care Team will quickly and profesionally address any remedial items covered under the NHBC warranty to your total satisfaction.

We never forget the commitment you're making buying a new home and aim to match that commitment in the service and support we provide.

How to log your enquiry with customer care

If you are within our 2-year warranty, please use one of our three online options to raise an enquiry:

  1. Our online chat system on our website & My Jelson Home portal.
  2. Send an email to - with a full description of your query, providing full contact details.
  3. Using your online My Jelson Home portal to raise a ticket.

Once you have done one of the above options, a ticket will then be raised by our customer care department. If more information is needed or a telephone conversation is required, our customer care department will contact you.


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