What is NHQB?

The NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) is a new independent body that oversees the build quality of new homes, and the customer service provided by housing developers like Jelson Homes.

As a consumer, the NHQB helps you by pushing for enhanced quality of new build homes. NHQB is an independent organisation that provides you with all of the information you need around service standards. If you need further help with a complaint to a housing developer then they will be able to help with a referral to the NHOS (New Homes Ombudsman Service).

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What is NHOS?

The NHOS (New Homes Ombudsman Service) is a free to use, independent body that provides redress for consumers who have had issues with their new home. If you have any problems with your new home, or the developer, and have raised a complaint that has not been dealt with to your satisfaction, the NHOS can help. They serve as an entirely independent body who look at all the evidence and provide an outcome so everyone can move forward.

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What is NHQC?

The NHQC (New Homes Quality Code), formally known as the Consumer Code, is a list of requirements that help provide protections during a new home purchase. This builds and improves on the requirements listed in the original Consumer Code, following a period of public consultation.

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