The Jelson Academy

Jelson holds its team in its highest regard, and looks forward to welcoming new apprentices each year. Our apprentices and trainees are very important members of the team, and a number have stayed on with us to continue to grow their career.

From those learning a trade and working on site, or looking for an office-based career, we look forward to helping more young people take their first steps into a career in construction every year.

Working together with our partner training providers means that our apprentices gain the very best of both worlds: weekly, classroom-based lectures by inspirational teachers at college, and on-the-job experience, learning from our very own highly-skilled professionals.

You can find out more about our apprentices and taking on an apprenticeship as a whole in our downloadable case study. You can also read some first-hand experience from our apprentices below.

Interview With A New Apprentice

After the craziness of 2020, and being unable to take on any new apprentices, being able to get back to bringing new people into the industry has been exceptionally exciting. One of our new painting and decorating apprentices has answered a few questions to tell us a bit more about why they’re doing an apprenticeship.

What apprenticeship are you doing with Jelson?

I am doing a painting and decorating apprenticeship.

Why did you pick an apprenticeship?

I chose to go down the apprenticeship route, because it is a great way of seeing how everything works first hand. Also, personally, I think it is a better way of learning as it is very hands-on. You can watch how certain things are done in various different ways, and then try these things for yourself and find your own way of doing them in a way that works best for you. I also felt like an apprenticeship was a good option, because I would have a mentor/supervisor’s one-on-one attention whenever I'm working. This would help me understand and learn new things, and give me the option to ask for help or advice whenever I need it. Another reason as to why I chose an apprenticeship, is because I am earning money whilst I am learning. I feel like although this isn’t one of the main reasons why I chose an apprenticeship, it can help to keep me motivated.

Why did you pick Jelson?

I picked Jelson, because I heard a lot of good things about the company from friends and family. Also, I know that Jelson has a very good apprenticeship programme, which is also very successful. I thought that Jelson was an amazing way to kick start my career into painting and decorating. After doing some research into the company, I knew that this would be one of the best ways for me to learn everything I need to know about my trade, as well as working with very professional tradesmen.

What are you looking forward to most?

I am looking forward to being given the opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals, and seeing all kinds of different ways to do things. I am also looking forward to working on different sites around the county. I am excited to gain all new experiences in and around the painting/decorating trade. I am really excited about the future with Jelson, and I feel like there are great things to come.

Interview With A Previous Apprentice

The aim of our apprenticeships is to help a young person develop into their career, and wherever we can, to keep their talent in the Jelson fold. So, as well as speaking to our current apprentices, we also have one of our previous apprentices who has gone on to develop their career with Jelson.

When did you start an apprenticeship with Jelson, and what was it in?

I started in August 2006. In carpentry and joinery.

Why did you pick an apprenticeship?

I had always enjoyed making and creating things and I had enjoyed helping my family with DIY. So it felt a natural progression to get an apprenticeship to be able to do a job I wanted to do.

What was your favourite part of your apprenticeship?

Being able to learn new skills in what I enjoyed doing.

What is your role at Jelson now?

I'm a qualified carpenter and joiner. I have trained one apprentice to qualification and I am currently training my second apprentice who has just started his first year of a three year course.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I am still learning and taking pride in my job.


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