Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep and space of your current home, or are simply ready for a change, downsizing your home might just be the perfect solution.  

Trading your current home for a more comfortable lifestyle can offer numerous benefits to your lifestyle. In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why you might be looking to downsize and the benefits of moving into a new build with Jelson Homes.  

Why You May Want to Downsize

One of the most common reasons for downsizing your home is after children have flown the nest. Empty nesters and retirees often look to downsize because they no longer need the space that a larger home offers.  

Others may look to downsize when looking to live more of an efficient and sustainable lifestyle. Even if you downsize to one of our larger homes, you’ll still benefit from increased energy-efficiency, which can help you live more sustainably. To find out why sustainability is important, check out our blog here.

Not every decision to ‘downsize’ involves moving to a smaller home; in fact, many people choose to financially downsize instead. This could mean moving to similar-sized property in a more affordable area, which could give you more cash to spend on the things you love! 

The Advantages of Downsizing

Smaller homes can offer numerous benefits, including lower costs, easier maintenance, energy efficiency and increased mobility. Here are some of the advantages of downsizing: 

A downsized home can lower your expenses as they often come with lower mortgage payments, household bills and insurance costs. This financial advantage can lead to increased savings and more spare cash to spend on doing the things you love. By moving home, you may even free up some extra cash to invest and travel to places you have always wanted to see! 

Downsizing can also allow you to declutter your space, making it easier to maintain a clean and organised living environment. Reducing the number of possessions you own can symbolise a fresh start and new beginning. Also, a home that has fewer rooms to fill and maintain can allow you to create a space which truly aligns with your current needs and lifestyle.  

Those looking to downsize to a new build property will benefit from a much smaller carbon footprint. With more of us conscious of our environmental impact than ever, choosing a new build home is a great way to reduce energy consumption and waste.  

Those looking to downsize to one of our available smaller homes can take advantage of increased accessibility, an advantage for those in their later years of life. This also prioritises the risk of accidents and injuries which are associated with a larger property.   

Benefits of Downsizing with Jelson Homes

If you are looking to downsize, choosing the right home is essential. We’ve put together a list of reasons why downsizing with Jelson Homes is a smart decision. 

  • Energy-efficient designs. Jelson Homes is dedicated to energy-efficient home design and materials which are perfectly associated with the eco-friendly benefits of downsizing.  

  • A range of property options. Jelson Homes offers a range of properties, each individually designed to suit a wide range of lifestyles. This means that you are sure to find the home best suited to your downsizing journey, whether this is a bungalow, a two, three or four bedroom property. 

  • Community living. We are proud to create thriving communities as part of our new build developments. This helps to foster a sense of belonging and neighbourly connections, which is especially beneficial for those suffering from empty nest syndrome.  

  • Professional support. Our experienced sales advisers offer expert guidance throughout the downsizing process. This ensures a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home.  

If you are ready to embrace the advantages of downsizing your home, consider making your next move with Jelson Homes. 

Explore our range of available homes in the East Midlands to discover a selection of properties which have been designed with downsizing in mind.