We love gardens here at Jelson Homes, and we know you do too.

So we like to give all our green-fingered purchasers a head start, by ensuring all our homes come with front and back gardens turfed, and back gardens fenced as standard, ready for you to move straight in and create your own little oasis. 

If you’re anything like us, you probably see more of your garden in August than you do at any other time of year. We’re well into the school holidays, the sun is at its hottest and the days are long enough to enjoy being outside in the warm weather for well over half the day.

All the hard work you’ve put in to creating your beautiful summer garden earlier in the year means you can now sit back and enjoy alfresco dining, splashing in paddling pools and lazy evenings with a glass of your favourite tipple on the patio.

So, what is there to do this month to make sure your garden keeps looking good all year long?

The short answer is ‘not too much’! August is a month for keeping on top of things rather than doing any heavy digging. Here are our top five tips for late-summer garden care.

1. Divide and rule

This is a great time to divide up any plants that have grown a little out of control, such as poppies, lilies and ornamental grasses. Just lift them gently with a spade, avoiding damage to the root ball, and use a sharp spade edge or knife to cut the clump into smaller portions. Replant as soon as possible and water well.

2. Don’t fade away

Hanging baskets and summer containers bring beautiful, stunning colour to your garden but can often look a bit overgrown by August, especially if you’ve been away on holiday and haven’t kept up with the daily watering regime. There’s no harm in replacing some of the sadder-looking specimens with fresh flowering plants. Just mix in a bit of fresh compost and make sure you keep them well-watered.

3. Green and pleasant lawn

The grass should be looking its very best now – vibrant, green and moss-free. Keep on top of your lawn with a weekly mow and water it sparingly. If it rains regularly, you shouldn’t need to water it at all. In very dry spells, a drenching every 10-14 days is recommended, as long as there are no hosepipe bans in force. August is also a good time to feed your lawn in preparation for the autumn months.

4. Water, water everywhere

Everything needs watering well this month, in particular containers, baskets and newly planted flowers and shrubs. Rainwater is much better than tap water as it contains nitrogen which boosts growth. It’s also more environmentally friendly than turning on the hosepipe. So think about installing a water butt to collect rain throughout the year which you can then distribute with a watering can. 

5. Potter around

Yes, there’s still weeding and dead-heading to do, of course – but by far the nicest way to approach this task is in the early morning when the sun’s out and you stroll round the garden with a coffee in one hand and secateurs in the other. Gardens are for enjoying and not everything has to be hard work! 

For more gardening tips and expert advice, check out the Royal Horticultural Society’s website: rhs.org.uk.