It's Easter, and a time a lot of us get a few extra days off so we can celebrate and relax a little. At Jelson Homes, we love to explore all the ways you can celebrate the special occasions in your home, and Easter is no exception.

Easter has come a long way from being solely a religious holiday, and now revolves around activities with family, friends and food - lots of it. Whether you’re excited to make Easter bonnets and baskets, dye and decorate eggs or eat your weight in hot cross buns and chocolate, there’s one tradition that trumps them all - the Easter egg hunt. 

A time honoured tradition, this is a really fun Easter activity that can be delivered on all budgets and for all ages.

How To Do An Easter Egg Hunt?

Traditionally, an Easter egg hunt takes place in two ways. Either as a scavenger hunt with clues that are carefully mapped out and hidden that lead you to your next egg and clue, or by hiding a large number of eggs across a certain area and letting participants run around madly to find them. Really an Easter egg hunt can be whatever you want it to be, and we’ve pulled some ideas together of how you can adapt this fun activity to fit your family.

Easter Egg Hunt For Children

Probably the most obvious one to start with is the Easter egg hunt for kids. If you’re looking to run a game for younger children, you’ll need to hide coloured objects in fairly obvious places, all across your home or garden. Depending on the ages (and attention spans) that you are hiding for, you can keep this to a fairly small radius, with a handful of eggs, or take it across the whole house and garden with many objects to find. Pre-made Easter egg hunt kits are available at various price points, but you could also make this any object to find, with a prize of a larger Easter egg at the end. For example you could use painted stones or actual eggs you painted earlier. You can then have one Easter egg as the prize for collecting x amount of the objects. Our top tip to avoid fights between siblings would be to colour code your eggs or objects per child, or have a cutoff amount to collect, so each sibling has a fair chance to enjoy the hunt. If you’re using plastic eggs or a reusable item like colourful stones, you can repurpose the game and have the kids re-hide these for their siblings or adults to find later on (this may keep them busy for another 20 minutes if they’ve finished their chocolate and you need some peace to cook dinner).

Easter Egg Hunt For Adults

Even if you’re not being egged on by children to find what they have hidden, you can still take part in the festivities. If you don’t fancy just copying the kids version but still want to join in on the fun with your adults only household, you can mix it up. If you have a bit more time you can make elaborate Easter egg hunt clues and make this into a longer and more complex game. To up the ante you can buy reusable plastic eggs that can be filled with goodies, like chocolate, drink miniatures or pampering items. Alternatively, on an Easter egg scavenger hunt, each clue can lead on to another clue, with one Easter egg prize at the end.

If you don’t have time or the energy for an elaborate hunt, why not take an egg or a cuddly toy (a bunny would be seasonal) that each member of the household takes turns to hide as they find it. For example, person A starts and hides the bunny in with the mugs. Person B goes to make a cup of tea, finds the bunny and hides it by the window behind a curtain. Person C spots the bunny as they’re sitting down and hides it under the dining table and so on. This can be done with minimal expense, in between meal prep and other weekend activities, and the winner is the last one to be holding the item/have hidden the item by your evening meal wins a prize (or, you continue this fun for days, weeks, as long as you wish really).

Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs

We couldn’t forget our four-legged friends when it comes to Easter. Though we want to include them and have some ideas of how to do that safely below, we cannot stress enough that your dog will have to sit out if you are planning a chocolate based hunt for your family, and in no way should your pet pal have access to chocolate throughout the festivities. That being said, you can make some tasty treats that your dog can enjoy safely and can make for a fun game too.

If we’re lucky to be blessed with some warm weather over the Easter weekend, you can make simple frozen banana and peanut butter treats by mixing the two ingredients together, and freezing in an ice cube tray. Then hide them in various places outside for your dog to find. You may only want 2 or 3 locations, as 1) though dog friendly, these are still treats and shouldn’t be over eaten, and 2) these may melt before your dog has a chance to find them. If the weather is not so great and your pawed pal is staying indoors, you can bake homemade dog treats, or just hide their normal treats around the house, and their prize? A big love and fuss from you, and maybe a walk out with the family to walk off the Easter indulgence.

If you are looking to get out of the house over the Easter weekend, a number of Jelson show homes are available for visits. If you’ve been considering a move, now may be the time to have a look around to see what is on offer. You can check out our developments and our social pages for more information on opening times, or contact our team for more information. 

There you have it, enjoyable Easter activities for the whole family and beyond. No matter how you decide to spend your Easter, all of us at Jelson would like to wish a very happy Easter to you and your household.