After years of nurturing, guiding and watching your children grow, when the day eventually comes for them to fly the nest, you’ll likely find yourself at the crossroads of both nostalgia and newfound freedom.  

The ‘empty nest’ phase of life can be bittersweet. While it’s a proud moment to see your children spread their wings, parents are often left feeling a little disorientated about how to navigate this new phase of their life. 

Read on as we explore effective ways to cope with the ‘empty nest’ feeling and explain how downsizing your home can provide comfort and new opportunities for this exciting chapter.  

What is the ‘Empty Nest’ Syndrome?  

The ‘empty nest’ syndrome is a term used to describe the emotional response that parents often experience when their children leave home, typically as they enter adulthood, pursue higher education or start their own families. This transition can trigger a range of different emotions, such as sadness, loss and loneliness.  

While it is often for parents to feel fearful of the change, this can often present opportunities for personal growth and a renewed focus on individual interests.   

Acknowledge Your Feelings  

The first step in coping with the ‘empty nest’ feeling is to acknowledge it. It is perfectly normal to experience a mix of emotions, including sadness, loneliness and even a bit of anxiety. Understanding that these emotions are part of the process can help you to navigate them more effectively.  

Focus on Self-Care

Take this opportunity to prioritise self-care as you transition into this new phase of life. Focus on regular exercise, incorporate a balanced diet and develop an adequate sleep pattern to significantly improve your emotional well-being. If you’re looking to boost your overall your health and mood, then why not consider joining a yoga class or taking up a new fitness routine? 

Rediscover Your Passions

One of the most exciting aspects of an empty nest is the newfound freedom you may discover. It’s the perfect opportunity to rediscover your interests and passions. Whether it’s a long-neglected hobby, a desire to travel or a creative pursuit, rekindling your personal passions can give you a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

Reconnect With Your Partner

For couples who have been prioritising raising children, this is an excellent time to reconnect with your partner. Plan date nights and take up new hobbies together. 


Helping others can be an incredibly rewarding way to fill in large gaps of time. By volunteering your time and skills to causes you’re passionate about, this not only gives you a sense of purpose, but also allows you to make new friends and connections. 

Explore New Opportunities

You can also use the time to explore new opportunities and adventures, both on your own and with a partner or friend. Whether you’re looking to pursue further education, travel to new destinations or take steps towards starting a new career, the ‘empty nest’ phase is the perfect opportunity to focus on the things you may have always wanted to do.  

Embrace Downsizing

If you’re struggling with the ‘empty nest feeling’, one practical way in coping is to move to a smaller house. As your household size decreases once your children have moved out, you may find that a smaller home is more practical.  

Some of the benefits of downsizing include simplifying your life, reducing maintenance and providing an exciting opportunity to declutter your living space. Then you can create a cosy and comfortable environment that aligns with your evolving lifestyle.  

Some of the smaller homes, like those offered by Jelson Homes, are designed with this transition in mind. We want to make it easier for empty nesters to embrace this new phase of life by offering new build homes that are perfect for enjoying a truly fulfilling lifestyle. 

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