As if the stars have aligned, this weekend we’re all set to have blue skies, the FA final and – a royal wedding! Not got an invite? That’s ok, here at Jelson Homes we’ve got some great advice on how to have ‘a right royal knees up’. 1) Ask the Queen: Each household will have its elders and like Harry, it’s always best to get permission first. Although perhaps not in writing! 2) Decide the food: Whether it’s a BBQ in the garden or a civilised afternoon tea, watching the ceremony food has a big part to play. Or why not do a hybrid of US and UK to celebrate the nuptials of Harry and Meghan. 3) Decorations: There’s nothing like a nice tablecloth and some bunting to really set the tone, better yet – give the guests a flag each and everyone will feel involved. 4) Dress to impress: With the Royals in their finest as the going says, if you can’t beat them – join them! Make the evening an excuse to put on your finest and turn the living room into a disco. We think Harry will be having a few turns on the floor at his party! 5) Raise a glass: Finally, what wedding would be complete without a toast? Whether it’s a tot in the name of her Majesty or a glass of champers, it’s easy to replicate the ceremony in your own home. 6) All partied out? It must be time to cut the cake and send the well-wishers home, so you can get back to enjoying that last bit of sunshine. A happy weekend to you all!