To celebrate Water Saving Week 2021 we are looking at ways you can save water in your home, helping to save the planet as well as saving money on your water bill. 

Water Saving Week is an annual event, which aims to raise awareness around just how much water we use. Held in May, there are different themes for each day of the week to encourage saving water in different areas. 

If you are a Jelson homeowner, you’re already on the front foot when it comes to saving water. Jelson Homes works in line with local water authorities, following personal usage caps that allow you to be saving water without even thinking about it. 

It’s really easy to reduce your water usage, and here are 10 ways to save water in your home every single day.

1. Working at home? Do you prefer cold drinks? Fill a jug or large bottle with water and refrigerate it so you have a cold drink ready without having to keep the tap running and refill as needed. 

2. When washing fruit, veg or your dishes, use a bowl. It uses less water than keeping the tap running. Bonus as well if you can use this leftover water to give any household or garden plants a drink.

3. You can also reuse any water that you use when cooking. If you are boiling vegetables and are handy in the kitchen, you can use the water to start a soup. If you don’t fancy that, again your household plants and garden will thank you for it. And remember, pasta water is great for plants too. 

4. Also, when cooking, use only the water you need. Not only does it save water, but your water will come to the boil sooner.

5. When using your washing machine and dishwasher, make sure they are full before you turn them on. You can also run fewer loads if you re-use the same water glass/bottle or mug throughout the day, or reuse your towels. 

6. It’s a popular one but turning the tap off whilst brushing your teeth or shaving. The only effort needed is turning the tap off and on!

7. Again, a popular one, but taking showers instead of baths, and keeping those showers to less than 4 minutes. On average we use the shower for 8 minutes, using a huge 62 litres of hot water. Easily lose track of time while in the shower? Put on your favourite 4 minute song for an easy reminder. While a bath uses 80 litres of water, a short shower only uses around 35 litres.

8. If you’re using a hose in your garden (and you haven’t been able to make your leftover water stretch), then consider swapping to a watering can. It makes you more mindful of how much you are using, and you can make the water stretch a lot further. You can also keep the watering can handy, and fill it with the leftover water from cooking, washing etc. The average hosepipe uses 170 litres of water for every 10 minutes that it is turned on. 

9. Check for leaks! All your hard work could be undone if you don’t realise that a tap is dripping or a pipe is leaking. Just keep an eye out, perform regular checks and get leaks fixed quickly.

10. If you have a luscious garden that requires a lot of watering, consider investing in a water butt. There to collect rainwater, you’ll always have a fresh container of water for your plants without having to run the hose at all. 

Now you know how to save water at home, have fun helping to save the planet, and some pennies! If you’re looking for a more water efficient home, you can find out more about Jelson Homes here, and find all of our available new homes here