Children from Mercenfeld Primary School in Markfield have, this week, become a little bit safer on the roads, thanks to Jelson Homes.

The local developer has donated 500 flouresent arm bands to the children now that the dark nights are well and truly here to stay and to help them stay safe and be seen.

Jackie Woodward, sales manager for Jelson Homes, comments: “Wherever possible, we strive to give something back to the communities in which we build and now that the darker evenings are with us, we wanted children from Mercenfeld Primary School to have something that would be both beneficial and fun at the same time.

“We believe that our fluorescent arm bands, which can be worn around the arms or legs, will go some way towards helping to keep the children safe during the winter months.”

Andy Kitchen, head teacher at Mercenfeld Primary School says: “We are very grateful that Jelson has thought of us and it very much reinforces the messages that we share with the children in regard to being responsible and staying safe at all times.”