It appears that Brexit hasn’t put off home buyers in the East Midlands following the news that between April-September developer Jelson Homes has processed 76 mortgage transactions, with 68 of them (89%) attributed to Help to Buy. Jackie Woodward, sales manager for Jelson Homes, comments: “The Government-backed scheme is proving pivotal to help our buyers move on to and up the property ladder." “Even though there was wide-spread fear during the frenzied days following the shock decision to leave the EU, the dust settled rather quickly among our buyers who went back to the business of home purchasing rather quickly, especially knowing that they could still reap the benefits of the Government-backed loan for their next new home.” “Furthermore, with the average age of our home buyers being 32, and 67% being first-time buyers, it’s encouraging that many are recognising the benefits of buying new when compared with renting.” “As we now move into what is traditionally a slower part of the year for all those wanting to move on and further up the property ladder, we are still expecting a steady pace of buying activity especially as a number of our sites now have homes ready to move into for the Christmas and early part of the new year.” Jelson Homes is currently building at developments right across Leicestershire. For further information please visit