The rising cost of energy bills has most people reviewing how they can save money on energy at home. It’s an extremely tough and challenging time for a lot of people, and that pressure can be built if you’re looking to move house soon. So when we read a new report conducted by The Home Builder Federation on just how much money those who buy new build houses save in the long term, we had to share their findings. Especially as it doesn’t just detail monetary gains but environmental ones too!

How does a new build home save money?

It is no secret that having a property which is more energy efficient will really help to bring down your energy bill. The standards that new homes are built to now are far more energy-efficient than older properties and are being driven by Government policies and initiatives to fight climate change. 

The HBF report details a number of interesting findings, including that the biggest cost saving is heating, with the heating bills of new homes being around 59% cheaper on average. On average those who already own a new home are saving £435 on their household bills each year, and those that are buying a new home now are saving £555 a year (that’s around £46 a month). 

So if you’re buying a new build property, what does that look like in practical terms? Well, that £555 a year is the equivalent of cinema tickets and popcorn for a family of four, once a month, for a whole year, meaning you could still live life rather than just pay bills.

How is a new build home kinder to the planet?

Also detailed in the HBF report, is that new homes generate only around one third of the carbon produced by the average older property each year, and last year’s new build purchases saved around 576,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. According to the report, a new build home emits 2.38 tonnes less of carbon each year on average. 

Here at Jelson, we are able to adapt to the latest available technologies, materials and regulations to build energy-efficient homes from the very start of construction, while owners of older homes may have to face disruptive, extensive and costly retrofit works to bring their homes up to the same standard. 

What are the other advantages of buying a new build home?

There are many advantages to buying a new build home, you have the opportunity to personalise it to your own taste by selecting your carpets, flooring, kitchen and more and best of all, this is ready for you when you get the keys, you don't have the hassle of renovating an older property. You can find out more advantages on our benefits of buying new page.

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