From the 26th February to 3rd March 2024, we’ll be celebrating New Homes Week. Launched by the Home Builders Federation, the annual celebration aims to share all the incredible benefits of buying a new build home. 

This year’s theme, ‘Tomorrow awaits: Make it yours’, resonates with us at Jelson Homes, as we believe the journey towards your future begins with the place you call home.  

Join us as we explore some of the top reasons why buying a new home might just be the perfect choice for you. 

1) Increased energy efficiency  

New build homes are leading the way in energy efficiency, offering homeowners remarkable savings on their energy bills. Did you know that new build homeowners could save on average, up to £183* in monthly energy costs compared to older properties? That’s an annual saving of £2,200!  

What’s more, an impressive 85% of new build homes also boast top-tier A or B energy performance certificate (EPC) ratings. This compares to just 4% of older properties which achieve similar energy performance levels. 

And with new regulations mandating sustainability features, such as electric charging points and energy efficient features, as standard in homes built from 2023 onwards, the future of new build living is brighter and greener than ever

2) A simple buying process 

Buying a new home is refreshingly straight forward. As you navigate through the new home buying process, a team of dedicated sales advisers will support you, manage relationships, and serve as a reliable point of contact.   

There is also often a range of buying options designed to improve affordability and reduce some of the stresses associated with moving home. These new home buying schemes, like Part Exchange* and Assisted Move* offered by Jelson Homes, aim to save buyers both time and money.    

New build homes are also move-in ready, skipping the hassle and expense of repairs and upgrades. At Jelson Homes, carpets and floor coverings are fitted as standard in many of our new properties, as well as selected kitchen appliances, so you can start living your life straight away. 

3) Peace of mind, today and tomorrow

New build homes give you confidence and peace of mind because they come with extra protections and no hidden issues from the past. Buying a new home is like a fresh start – no need to fix up dodgy DIY disasters or deal with problems like unreliable heating systems.  

Plus, new build homes come with a two-year guarantee and a 10-year structural warranty to make sure you’re covered. In fact, the government introduced the New Homes Ombudsman Service and new Code of Practice in 2023, which provides even greater protection to new build buyers. The code covers everything from how homes are sold to the aftercare you get after moving in, making the whole process safer and smoother. 

4) Value for money

New build properties are a smart investment, offering you great value for money. They are designed with future-proofing in mind to spare buyers the hassle and expense of costly, future upgrades while making them more energy-efficient.  

For older homes to achieve the same level of energy-efficiency, homeowners would need to spend over £70,000! This clear difference highlights why new build homes are such a great choice for buyers looking for financial security in the long run. 

New build homes for sale with Jelson Homes  

Ready to find your dream new build home? Explore our range of new build homes for sale at Jelson Homes and start your journey towards a brighter tomorrow. 

To learn more about New Homes Week 2024 and to join the conversation, visit the New Homes Week website and check our socials!