We’re in the midst of the summer holiday break, and if you’re running out of ideas to entertain the children, or even holidaying at home this year and need some inspiration to fill up those all-important days, don’t despair! Jelson Homes has six quick and easy tips to keep you and the kids entertained during what should be relaxed and fun staycation days. 1. Camping Whether indoors or outdoors, setting up a tent in the garden, or even an indoor den is a great way to get back to basic playtime with kids. Make sure you do all the fun stuff that’s linked to camping though – make a barbecue, read stories, go digging outdoors and where possible, indulge in some water-based activities such as apple bobbing! The children will love the fact that you’re getting involved with something that’s not linked to technology. 2. Explore what’s on your doorstep Ever said “we’ll go there one day” – well that day could almost be upon you and is ideal for staycation dates, so what are you waiting for? Go and visit that aquarium you’ve been putting off for months, don’t delay booking tickets to one of the many family theme parks across the region and why not keep things simple by visiting and exploring the local park and challenge the children to guess the name of the trees. Rewards and treats entirely optional! 3. Let the kids do the driving Sounds scary, we know, but this is a particular fun one for rainy days. Simply get in the car and let the children do the navigating. It will be fun and interesting to see where they lead you! Perhaps even end the journey with a trip to a new restaurant. 4. Summer fest Check out local papers, flyers, social media, and websites to see what festivals are going on around you. If nothing quite suits, host your own with dedicated play lists, a picnic and friends. If it’s a nice evening, candles can be great for creating a lovely relaxed ambience – but make sure an adult remains with children at all times while the candles burn. 5. Explore the world In need of a bit of cultural inspiration? Why not embrace the food, drink and culture of a different country for a day? Find recipes, explore the country by map, learn a few new words and encourage the children to draw a flag. Fun and educational at the same time. 6. Kindness is infectious Whether it’s car washing, baking for friends, families or neighbours, or even watering plants or hanging baskets, being kind feels good. Give your children the chance to choose their own act of kindness and with supervision, watch them make it happen and feel super proud afterwards. Who knows, perhaps that kindness will extend to your own home too, encourage making the bed, washing up, setting the table or clearing away the plates. Every little helps! Jackie Woodward, sales manager for Jelson Homes, comments: “The six week break can be a long one, particularly if you’re only away for a short duration. “These handy tips have come from our own people here at Jelson who have many years of experience of entertaining children and grandchildren, so hopefully some of them will be useful for putting into practice this summer. “We wish all families and their children everywhere a long, happy and safe break.” For more information on any of Jelson’s developments, visit www.jelson.co.uk