Like a lot of things, the housing industry comes with its own lingo, and the last thing you want with the stress of moving is to feel like everyone around you is talking a different language. To help you feel in control of the process, and to empower you with knowledge, we’ve pulled together a really handy resource that details some of the most common terminology. 

You can find 60+ housing terms in our downloadable housing dictionary, split out into different categories such as finance, new build homes, and solicitors & searches. 

For example, learn that:

Gazumping is when a seller accepts a higher offer from another person at the last minute.

Or that the Consumer Code provides protection and rights to those who purchase new homes. 

The Ombudsman is the independent professional body that investigates complaints on behalf of customers. 

Or even that Redemption is when you have completely paid off your mortgage. 

Learn your disbursements from your deposits, and your encumbrance from equity. If you want to learn more housing terms to ensure your move is smooth, you can download our printable housing dictionary now. 

If you’re looking for your next home, you can find all available properties in the East Midlands here. Alternatively, if you are already preparing to move into your dream home, you can find more moving house tips here.