Many of us spend hours poring over Pinterest, window shopping show homes, and generally dreaming of our perfect homes, but we never spend quite as long looking at location. As a lot of daydreams are hypothetical, it’s easy to focus on the internal details of your home when the time actually comes, rather than considering the wider area too. 

Whether you’re moving locally or relocating, it’s very rare to know every detail about the street you’re moving into. If you’re actively looking for a new home, it’s important to consider some of the local area information that will make your life far easier if you do make the move.

Look and Feel

Surroundings are exceptionally important. Are you looking for a busy city life? A town with convenient amenities or a quiet, quaint village? What are the nearby places like? Do you have beautiful scenic drives through villages to guide you home, or do you want the convenience of being right on a motorway exit? Take a look at your possible routes to work, to the shops or for the school run, and get a feel of the scenery that will be the backdrop to your day-to-day.

Transport Links

Speaking of motorway exits, what are the transport links like? Are the road connections good? Can you get around on public transport easily to other local areas, or across the UK? What’s in walking distance? If you just want to grab a newspaper or some milk, can you walk somewhere within a few minutes? If you’re a regular traveller, you’ll want great road connections, or if you can’t drive, you’ll want public transport to get you wherever you need to go.

Quality of Life

Are there things nearby that cater to your interests? Love to get out in the great outdoors, check the local walk routes, and nearby countryside. If settling with a glass of something refreshing after work is more your speed, take a look at where your local is, and how quick of a walk home it will be. Amenities like shopping, cinemas or entertainment venues, and even community venues that host groups and events, are all important to consider when looking at the area.

Family Home

If you’re moving with your family or looking to make this your family home, you will already be considering what schools are nearby (and if they’re within walking/easy drop-off distance). But you’ll also want to look for play parks, childcare options and recreational activities like sports or stage school. 

Pet Pals

If you’re moving with pets, you’ll want to consider good walking routes nearby. Both paved routes where you can take daily walks in all weathers, and more rural routes to enjoy the scenery on longer strolls. Possibly even dedicated fields that are fenced off to allow your pawed pals to have a real run in a safe environment. 

On all of Jelson Homes development pages, you’ll find information about the local area, and what you could look forward to at that location. Take a look at all of our available properties in the East Midlands today.