So, you’re starting to look for a new home, how exciting! Time to finally have a look around those houses you may have been checking online repeatedly, and to get one step closer to moving house.

It’s so easy to get swept up in the excitement of it all, that sometimes we forget the practical things to look for when buying a house. If you go through with buying this property, where will your furniture go? In a second-hand home, are you going to be saddled with some big repair bills? Most importantly, where on earth is the Christmas tree going to go?

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, or you are a seasoned mover, we can all do with a little reminder sometimes of what you should be looking for when you get in the property.

What to look for when viewing a house:

1. Plan where your furniture is going to go. As you go into each room, consider where your favourite items will fit. In the kitchen, you may have the added bonus that there are some integrated appliances – which is great news if you are a first-time buyer.

2. What’s the storage like? We all need somewhere to store our “stuff” and under stair storage, storage cupboards and loft space are wonderful additions to any home. You may not have a lot of things to store right away, but having some cupboard storage or loft storage will serve you well.

3. Make use of your senses – when making your way through a viewing it’s always a good idea to use more than just your eyes. Have a sniff to ensure you can’t smell anything untoward that could be an issue such as damp, and listen out for any unusual sounds.

4. Check the plugs! As you carry out your viewing, have a look where the plug sockets and TV points are located. This will generally help you plan out the layout of each room, where the bed will go in the bedroom, where the TV will go in the lounge etc.

5. How’s the water pressure? This is something that can be helped with a good showerhead or tap, and it’s useful to know if you have a chance to try it out discretely. In a second-hand home you should also ask the age of the boiler and when it was last serviced.

6. Check your phone signal. Our mobiles are so integrated into our lives, it will be useful to see what signal you have in the house. Remember, most mobile services can be supplemented by Wi-Fi signal.

7. The back garden or outdoor spaces. Make note of the direction they face; it will be useful for planning any gardening and landscaping needs. Is there a fence or a hedge? These are helpful if you have children, pets or have plans for them in the future.

8. Bills – how much is it going to cost to live there? How much are gas, water and electric bills? Remember that new build homes are built to much higher energy efficiency standards, meaning this can save you a lot on these bills when compared to a second-hand home.

Overall, take your time looking around, you’re making a big decision after all. It can be helpful to make note of your first impressions and any thoughts you may have of the house when you leave, while it’s fresh in your memory. Keep adding to that list as you visit the homes you’re interested in. If you come back for a second viewing, you can easily compare and contrast the houses you visit.

Good luck with your search for your new home! If you’re looking for quality new build homes within the Midlands, check out our latest developments, and book your visit to one of our show homes.