For many of us, working from home is the new normal. And working in a comfortable, functional and inspirational workspace will help increase your productivity and your mental well-being. Whether you’re revamping your current office or moving from your dining room table to more permanent digs, putting in a little time and effort beforehand and maybe picking up a few new bits and bobs will make your new office oh, so worth it. So, where do we start? It’s a simple question with quite a few things to consider. 

What do YOU need when you work from home? 

Typically, it’s things like:

Desk space. How much do you need? Is this impacted by your computer? Do you need to be able to sprawl out or is that something you’d like? What items do you want and need on your desk? And always remember, before you buy online or in store, to make sure you check the measurements of both the desk and where you are placing it, that includes skirting boards. (This is especially important when creating a small home office.) 

Storage. Are there files you use that need to be kept private? Or do you have items you need on occasion but don’t need to have a set space on your desk. Do you need to print? What other home office furniture do you need?

Good lighting. This can mean different things to different people. Some people prefer to have as much natural light as possible and others like consistency of incandescent lighting. Do you need to be by a window or is a desk lamp the ideal solution for you?  Are video calls or recording a daily part of your life, making a ring light a key piece of kit?

A comfy chair. This can’t be stated boldly enough, you absolutely do not want to skimp on your home office chair for long term use. If you aren’t able to try out the chair in person (a lot of the time you can’t) it always pays to check the reviews and take the advice of others whether it’s on the product page or another blog post or article. 

It’s also important to check your broadband connection. Whether that’s through an ethernet network or Wi-Fi, will your office space give you the connectivity you need?

Once you know what you need, then comes the fun part. Your home office design. You may find it helpful to draw it out, whether that’s on a piece of paper or in a design program. It is easier to move a drawing or pixels than a home office desk or book shelves. After everything is physically where you want it, move your office supplies around to get the best desk setup for productivity once you get in the swing of things. 

You’ve now got the perfect home office, all that’s left is a bit of personality. From fantastic artwork and photographs to mementos and great stationary, an office can be utilitarian or it can be an extension of your personality or brand. 

If you’re feeling a little cramped in your home, or you just need a bit more space for a full home office setup, why not take a look at all of our available homes with the Jelson home finder?