However organised you may be, moving house can often be a little chaotic, as you pack your life up and then try to reassemble it somewhere new in record time. However, keeping track of every inch of the move can save hours in the long run and there are plenty of ways to ensure you minimise potential headaches. Here are just a few of our suggestions: Moving and removal costs Documenting each and every cost will help you gain a clearer picture of the overall price of moving and there are ways to save some of the pennies, too! Average removal fees can range from £300-600 which is quite a hefty price to pay. If you have the time and contacts, why not DIY. Hiring a van is a much cheaper option and if you are able to ask a favour from a few friends or friends of friends (and throw in a few bottles of their favourite tipple along the way), you’re on to a winner. If you’re selling your home, remember to budget for the estate agent’s commission which can range between 1-3%. As an alternative why not switch to a fixed-fee online agent? There are lots to choose from with many providing a good and transparent service without having the high street overheads. Don’t forget legal fees which can range from £800-£1500 depending on which solicitor you choose and their level of experience. Shop around and always gain three quotes before making a final decision. Also, take advantage of one of the many budgeting apps to keep a record of when you can expect money going in and out - this will hopefully minimise surprise costs and avoid overdrafts. If moving in with a partner or spouse, especially for the first time, make sure you have a reasonable idea of your rights. If the house is not in your name, and you have no evidence of financial contribution, this may affect your legal right to stay there should the worst happen. It is also good practice to thoroughly check through everything you sign, and have a solicitor look through everything once an offer is accepted. There are many online checklists for moving house, often separated into schedules such as six weeks before, one week before and the day of the move. Have you notified both the bank and the milkman of your move? Have you organised home insurance from the day you step into your new place? Even if you consider yourself a moving expert, chances are there will be something forgotten, and this is always the best way to ensure you don’t miss that key deadline. Remember moving house is supposed to be an exciting time! Just get any potential issues sorted and out of the way to make sure it stays that way.