Apprenticeships offer a step into a career, whilst still gaining important qualifications. Traditional education paths, classrooms and endless presentations aren’t for everyone, and apprenticeships can inject that excitement back into education. Some skills can’t be fully captured in a classroom, so if your passion is something a bit more hands-on, you might want to take a different path.

So what sets apprenticeships apart from other education options?

Earn money, and get an education

The main draw of apprenticeships for most young adults is being able to earn a wage whilst still gaining a qualification, something more traditional educational routes don’t offer. 

Your qualification is nationally recognised, and potentially valued more within your industry. You also won’t end up in debt because of tuition fees, and can start to earn your own wage as soon as you leave school.

Gain experience

With an apprenticeship, you get to test and hone your skills in your area of interest. You won’t be stuck just learning the theory of a topic, but you will be able to be hands-on. Plus, you learn from experts in the trade, who not only have a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on, but they will also be able to let you in on industry tips. 

It strengthens your CV and shows your hard work and dedication in your area of interest, potentially putting you ahead of other graduates.

Get known in the industry

A big part of building a career is networking, and building contacts in your chosen industry. With an apprenticeship, not only can you build up your personal brand within the company you are working at, but also the industry as a whole. 

As an apprentice, you are in a unique position where you are expected to learn from the ground up, and can be mentored throughout your first few years in the industry.

Out of the classroom

For some young adults, just getting out of the classroom is enough. Classrooms aren’t for everyone, and a change of scenery may mean you find excitement and enjoyment in learning.

Depending on your apprenticeship, not only will you be in a workplace rather than a school, but you may get the chance to travel to different locations each week, which can help keep your educational experience interesting.

Transferable Skills

An apprenticeship isn’t just about learning about your chosen trade, it’s also a great chance to learn a few transferable skills. Going to a workplace every day can improve your time keeping skills, your communication skills and even improve your confidence overall.

If you want to know more about Jelson’s apprenticeship programme, as well as read some stories from our previous apprentices, you can download our apprenticeship case study here. If you’re looking for if we have any apprenticeships open right now then you can find more information on our academy page.